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Short Documentary |  2021
Director & Cinematographer

This film is close to my heart as it tells my Popo's (婆婆 ; grandma) story and provides a glimpse into her early life before coming to Australia. During the time of WWII and the Chinese revolution, she lived in a world that is unimaginable to my generation, separated by 60 years or so.

In Chinese culture the family unit extends further then your mum and dad, it include your grandparents, aunties and uncles, which is why my Popo is so heavily involved in my life, she essentially raised me. Although I am close with her, her past experiences which she hints at every now and then are still unknown to me. My Popo has lived a full life that is almost incomprehensible to me who has always known her as PoPo, the one who always cooks and looks after us. I'm hoping this documentary will provider a clearer story of the life she has lived.

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